Steffen Kummerer is a German musician and producer, born 1985 in Chemnitz, Germany. Current resident of Landshut, Germany.

Kummerer founded the progressive death metal band Obscura in 2002. The internationally succesfull group released three full leght albums, gaining chart positions in multiple countries. Worldwide touring activities followed each record and let Obscura reach the status of being ‚pioneers of progressive death metal‘. The second long therm group called Thulcandra was founded in 2003. Thulcandra released three full lenght album and gained broad notoriety within the black and death metal scene.

Studying Media Engineering at DIT, Deggendorf Institute of Technology, from 2006 to 2014, Kummerer left the university as Master of Engineering. Since 2013 he works and teaches audio & video production, design and photography at University of Applied Sciences, Landshut.