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Death | Official Tablature Book [2015]

Death Tablature Book Frontcover

340 pages housed in a high quality, spiral bound softcover 8.25″ x 12″ notebook. Includes a free digital download of all tracks included in tab book.

The first official DEATH guitar tab book! Includes complete guitar tabs from 21 select classic tracks spanning DEATH’s entire discography. Meticulously arranged / transcribed by Steffen Kummerer (Obscura) and Danny Tunker (Alkaloid, Ex-Aborted). Also included is an introduction by DEATH’s manager / producer Eric Greif. Available through Relapse Records.

Complete Guitar Tabs To:

1. Zombie Ritual (Scream Bloody Gore)
2. Denial Of Life (Scream Bloody Gore)
3. Mutilation (Scream Bloody Gore)
4. Pull The Plug (Leprosy)
5. Leprosy (Leprosy)
6. Left To Die (Leprosy)
7. Spiritual Healing (Spiritual Healing)
8. Living Monstrosity (Spiritual Healing)
9. Within The Mind (Human)
10. Lack Of Comprehension (Human)
11. Suicide Machine (Human)
12. Together As One (Human)
13. The Philosopher (Individual Thought Patterns)
14. Overactive Imagination (Individual Thought Patterns)
15. In Human Form (Individual Thought Patterns)
16. Perennial Quest (Symbolic)
17. Zero Tolerance (Symbolic)
18. Crystal Mountain (Symbolic)
19. Spirit Crusher (The Sound of Perseverance)
20. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow (The Sound of Perseverance)
21. Story To Tell (The Sound of Perseverance)