Mortification of the Vulgar Sun


Directed by Mirko Witzki
VFX by Sebastian Selg // Lightup Productions


I overcome this world
Endowed with golden light
Obliterate and recreate

A serenade of life and death
Embraced in eternal night
Infinite and purified

A last gathering of time and space
In solitude, I drawn to stars
Dissolving in eclectic haze
In malice, I saturate in gloom

I overcome this world
Perished in perpetual bliss
Devastate and recreate

Beyond the veil, blessed initiate descent
In magnitude, splendor bright unscathed
Shattered in pieces, vanquished volition
Mortification of the vulgar sun

Music by Linus Klausenitzer, Rafael Trujillo & Sebastian Lanser
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer